A4P Logistics

The challenges within bio-logistics are diverse, from biological samples sensitive to temperature variation to time crictical stem-cell therapies. 

When transportation processes are working well they can be effectively invisible within a development programme but left to chance a simple error or oversight can halt a pivotal study or fall foul of the regulations.

For such a critical link in the chain clinical trial logistics is often overlooked in planning until the late stages. The key is getting the right approach and using the appropriate partnerships to make logistics a seamless and uncompromising process. 

Make A4P your partner of choice for:

  • Import / Export of biological samples & API to & from Asia
  • Courier selection oversight & the active management of consignments
  • Specialist cell therapy expertise & extensive study experience
  • Planning for the unforeseen, consultation services in study design and process development
  • Troubleshooting including investigation led logistics re-design and recovery strategies
  • Pre-study logistical planning including the design of bespoke solutions to maximise success and minimise in transit risk


A4P have over 15 years of Global logistics management experience coordinating in excess of 15,000 consignments.

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