Solutions for Biomarkers


A4P provide consultancy and project management services in appraising the intended biomarker analytes, evaluating them for their clinical use and utility and managing the generation of relevant analytical data

A4P’s consultancy services in this critically important area is built on a significant body of experience from across numerous therapeutic areas in the transition of early phase experimental biomarkers through efficacy markers to their use in diagnostics

A4P project management of biomarkers from clinical studies mainly focusses on the generation and interpretation of quantitative data.

A4P manages this through by:

  • Sourcing, evaluation, selection and contracting of CRO providers from across the globe
  • Comprehensive oversight and delivery of bioanalysis studies; from sample to submission
  • Supply of scientifically robust data; on time, in budget, in compliance
  • Reviews of bioanalytical reports, project and product assay summaries and regulatory

A4P solutions are built for each individual client’s requirements. Output is supported by quality documented procedures and processes. All of which are readily adaptable to individual clients needs whilst ensuring compliance with the latest regulatory requirements