About Us
About Us

A4P are a UK company with a global reach, located at Discovery Park, Sandwich Kent. 

We contribute to the development of human therapies through our bioscientific and logistics expertise in contracted services oversight, in project management and consultancy.

We deliver provider oversight of bioscientific project management, high quality outsourced bioanalytical data and value-added logistic solutions for life science organisations of all sizes from start ups to established global entities, on time, in budget and in compliance.

Our location provides easy access to all the major UK and Europe biohubs and bioscience clusters. With effective time-zone access to the US, Europe and the Middle and FarEast.

Our History
A4P team now over 30 employees with a growing range of expertise. Growth driven by expanded opportunities and expertise.
2013 - 2020
Projects for small & large pharma and biotech’s based in all global territories Significant expansion in logistics offerings, reach and materials transported locally in UK, in EU and globally. Significant growth in range of bioscience expertise and type of operations oversee
Fully operational with 4 founding owner directors Occupied offices at newly created Discovery Park in Sandwich UK First contracts in cell therapy logistics and bioanalytical management
A4P created on July 4th 2011 Transition from Pfizer, remains located in Sandwich, UK
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