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A4P deliver fully managed, end-to-end, customer driven, logistical solutions for the scientific community.  We have a network of vendors that are selected for best fit for effective delivery and based on a stringent quality assessment.

When working with our logistics team, you will have the confidence that your shipments would have:

  • A single point of contact for monitoring and communication
  • A fully customised route plan for optimal delivery times
  • Detailed planning including backup plans
  • Real time transit monitoring at key milestones or using GPS tracking
  • All documentation completed, and checked with a broker, ahead of time to ensure swift customs clearance
  • Confidence the packaging is suitable and validated for temperature integrity

A4P have a proven and trusted track record of delivery, with years of logistical experience resulting in shipments being received in good condition without compromise.

We deliver to every continent globally, for over 80 customers, delivering >1,700 packages annually in controlled storage conditions including -196C, -80C, 2-8C and 15-20C.

A4P have experience of many types of scientific shipment requirements including:

  • Biological products
  • Dangerous goods
  • Controlled substances
  • Specialist equipment
  • API
  • Cell and Gene Therapy
  • Documentation
  • Materials for small parcel delivery
  • Preclinical and clinical samples

A4P have extensive experience of supporting cell and gene therapy studies with involvement in the shipment clinical trial material and delivery of patient therapies during the treatment progression.

API’s of various types are shipped all round the globe by A4P.  Each shipment has its own requirements in terms of storage and shipping requirements as well as the quantities that are to be shipped.  Want to find out more about API or any other type of logistical support, drop us a line!

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