A4P has approaches that can be adapted to both large pharma and biotech research environments to be able to meet the needs for all clients.

A4p has spent years supporting a full variety of clinical trial shipping, we can provide you the experience necessary to assist your research, bringing confidence in your data and helping you to expedite your programmes. We design logistics solutions to ensure the most effective and efficient transportation of samples.

Our team have been helping support multiple projects across the globe providing knowledge and being able to evaluate the best mix of vendors being mindful of the sponsors global clinical & laboratory network. A4P can facilitate the selection of the right vendors and ensure the client processes are applied.

Delivering consistency and value

A4P’s experts deliver a total end to end solution, not just a pick up and drop off function. We design compressive process plans which are built and endorsed through active client involvement

  • Primary A4P contact assigned and identifiable for each step, back up contact also provide
  • Access to A4P bioscience experts adding value in ensuring consignment integrity is planned, maintained  and compliant in achieving data compliance
  • Key events tracked in real time with pre-emptive and active intervention to keep hand-offs seamless, transit and deliveries on time and in the right condition.
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