Shipments We Help With
Shipments We Help With

A4P has apporoaches that can be adapted to both large pharma and biotech research environments.

A4p has spent years supporting a full variety of clinical trial shipping, we can provide you the experience necessary to assist your reasearch, bringing confidence in your data and helping you to expedite your programmes.

These activities are end to end:

  • Pre-clinical CITES shipment
  • API Global shipment in GMP conditions, using specialist packaging
  • Clinical trial supplies, production & distribution
  • Shipment of biological IMP material, including stem cells
  • Shipment of samples from first in human (FIH) studies for rapid turnaround bioanalysis
  • Consignments requiring avoidance of X-ray & specialist handling
  • Cell therapy transport specialists
  • Expertise with all temperature ranges including controlled ambient & cryogenic conditions
  • Shipment of sensitive tissue & biomarker sample shipments
  • Regulatory compliant shipping across the World
  • Research chemicals, infectious substances and dangerous goods such as bacterial cultures and venoms
  • Bulk freight shipments of laboratory equipment & regulatory documentation