Services Prove Winning Formula for A4P

Discovery Park Sandwich website features A4P services

When the bat phone rings at the Discovery Park offices of A4P it usually means there’s another challenge  – this talented team of scientists and logistics experts ready to leap into action and contribute wherever that may be.

Since its launch five years ago – at the very beginning of Discovery Park’s time as a multi-business campus for science, technology and enterprise – problem solving has been their USP, quickly gaining a global reputation for success.

There are two core elements to the business. One covers bio-analysis project management, helping to generate quality data from patients enrolled in  clinical trials for some of the world’s leading pharma and bio-tech companies such as Ziarco Pharma Limited, another Discovery Park tenant, recently acquired by Novartis.

On the other side is logistics – the bio-tech equivalent of the Royal Mail – getting trial samples, therapeutic agents, scientific equipment and key documents, to name a few, to wherever they need to be around the world, in the correct condition.

Time here is of the essence. A regular example involves shipping patient’s blood from clinics in Europe or as far afield as South Korea to Houston, within 36 hours. This timeframe has to be achieved to ensure cell viability to produce individual therapies used in restoring the immune system following cancer treatments.  Their next challenge is always a phone call or an email away.

On the bio-analysis side , A4P provide their customers with extra resource, expertise and experience, based on bio-analytics as the core scientific discipline. They either slot in their resource with existing teams or take complete responsibility for delivering a specific project. This can range from managing the analysis of compounds and biomarkers to ensuring their clients data and processes comply with global regulations.

Richard Hucker, A4P’s Director for Regulated Bio-Analysis, said: “We have been fortunate to be located at a site which has and continues to be such a great eco-system for science and science support companies.

“That has given us a good head start in the development of our business, providing us with a platform upon which to build, which we have done successfully over the past five years.

“The logistics side is expanding strongly and on the bio-analysis side we have been involved in some of the most exciting areas of drug discovery – from immuno-oncology and neuroscience to inflammation and pain relief.

“We’ve so far been able to hit the goals we have set for ourselves and are optimistic for the future with contracts under negotiation with leading pharma companies opening up further potential for more growth”

Lauren Moore, Leasing Executive, Discovery Park, said: “A4P are a great example of what is being achieved here in East Kent, a company whose excellent standards of service and can-do attitude is now recognised around the world.”